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Aveda rejuvanating Body Wrap

Indulge in the ultimate spa experience with our Rejuvenating Body Wrap at Rain.  This luxurious treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation, using a dry brushing technique to remove dead skin cells and reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion. Next, a nourishing body masque, rich in botanical extracts, is applied to detoxify and replenish your skin, drawing out impurities and providing deep nourishment.

Once the masque works its magic, you will enjoy warm-soothing towels placed on the body , allowing the beneficial ingredients to penetrate deeply. The treatment concludes with a hydrating ritual, where a blend of moisturizing oils and lotions are massaged into your skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth, deeply hydrated, and rejuvenated.

Aveda Rejuvenating Body Wrap
Experience the perfect balance of relaxation and revitalization with our Rejuvenating Body Wrap, designed to enhance your natural beauty and restore your body's glow.

Add on - Exfoliating foot soak
60 min.  $145
Exfoliating Foot Soak
Indulge in a foot care experience with our Exfoliating Foot Soak. Specially formulated to rejuvenate tired, rough feet, this luxurious soak combines natural exfoliants and soothing botanicals to leave your feet feeling soft and refreshed. Contains natural exfoliants like Dead sea salt to gently exfoliate dead skin cellsHydrating Enriched Aveda  Beautifing  oil and Aveda   Beautifying cream will   moisturize and soothe the feet Perfect For  Anyone looking to treat their feet to a spa-like experience

Transform your foot care routine with our Exfoliating Foot Soak and step out with confidence.
15 min.  $40



Enjoy the amenities of Rain Salon & Spa as you step into a relaxing zen environment. Change into a cozy robe and unwind in our decompression room by the fireplace while enjoying Aveda tea or a glass of wine. All signature services start with a change into a robe and slippers, and include an Aveda aroma of choice, warm towels, warm moisture infused paraffin on hands OR feet, and steam shower, all in a clean sanitized environment. We want your time with us to be relaxing and enjoyable!

Relaxation Massage
This soothing service uses Swedish massage (light to medium pressure) that warms up the muscles for ultimate relaxation. It also includes an aroma of choice, hot towels & use of our steam shower.

Included - Rain moisture infusion paraffin to deeply moisturize. Your  choice of hands or feet.
30 min.  $65
60 min.  $109
90 min.  $129
Deep Tissue Massage
Relax and heal. Deep tissue applies pressure to layers of muscle. This type of massage can relieve pain and reduce muscle stiffness and help your body recover and heal.

Included - Rain moisture infusion paraffin to deeply moisturize. Your  choice of hands or feet..
30 min.  $105
60 min.  $149
90 min.  $169
Prenatal Massage
Gentle but beneficial for expecting mothers.
Only recommend for 2nd & 3rd trimesters.
Pregnancy massage not recommended during first trimester unless Doctor note is provided.

Included - Rain moisture infusion paraffin to deeply moisturize. Your  choice of hands or feet.
30 min.  $65
60 min.  $109
90 min.  $129
Ultimate Destress Massage
Start out with a foot soak and scrub followed by an hour massage that includes deep tissue and hot stones on upper body and reflexology on the feet with focus areas catered to your needs.

Included - Rain moisture infusion paraffin to deeply moisturize. Your  choice of hands or feet.
75 min.  $149
Aroma Therapy Body Wrap
Enjoy a relaxing and warming experience. This treatment begins with an aroma of choice followed by a dry brush exfoliation, Aveda detox masque on the back, and hydration cream massaged on the full body. The body is then engulfed in warm towels and heated blanket while a shoulder, scalp, and foot massage is performed.
60 min.  $115

massage enhancements

Fusion Hot Stone | $40
Ease tension and experience deeper muscle penetration with Baltic hot stones.
Cupping | $40
Special cups are placed strategically on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. This helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.
Foot Soak and Scrub | $40
Soak in warm water before a dead sea salt scrub to ease tension and inflammation.
Pain Relief | $40
With a multi action cream, this enhancement aids in the skins blood flow, helps reduce appearance of cellulite, offers natural relief for muscle soreness, and is a powerful magnet for hydration benefits relieving dry, itchy skin.
Gua Sha | $40
With a smooth-edged tool, pressure is applied to the skin to create blood flow and aid in healing.
Invati Scalp Treatment | $45
Utilizing the science of Densiplex, Invati Revitalizer is applied on the scalp and massaged in with an Aveda Loop Brush to stimulate the scalp. Great for all hair types but ideal for thin hair. Non-greasy formula.
Pain Relief Cupping | $70
Experience cupping done with our Pain Relief Massage Cream for the utmost relaxation and tension relief.
*all massages come with paraffin treatment for hands or feet.



Aveda™ plant wax hair removal
We offer the finest in waxing services using Aveda’s pure flower and plant essence enhanced wax to sooth sensitive skin.

brow shaping
lip or chin
face (doesn't include brows)
french bikini
brazilian first time
brazilian maintenance wax
$70 - $90
lower arm
full arm
half leg
full leg
back | chest